profileI am Pinoy Wit. I’m a former office drone turned history teacher, turned serial blogger, turned virtual worker. In between my first and last transformations are my real passions in life. I’ve had to make compromises of course, simply because an educator’s salary isn’t enough for a family to live comfortably on. Ever since I’ve come to discover blogging however, I’ve begun to hope that perhaps I can try to earn a living, make a difference in society and be happy all at the same time. Hence, this blog.

I am not a historian. I don’t even have a bachelor’s degree in history but my deep interest in dead people, forgotten places and unusual customs spans many years. My great wish is to share all the endlessly fascinating truths and half truths that have consumed me all these years, helping cultivate and stir the Filipino soul through culture and history in my own way.

So welcome to my Philippine history and culture blog. Feel free to contact me here if you wish to share your own thoughts. If you’re looking for my other selves online, you can check out my humor blog or my food blog.